Sunday, May 25, 2014

Allied Monkey Wrench

If you follow this blog , you know I'm not big on posts that don't have hobby content. But with the new 7th Edition allies chart its thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into my army.... at least as I have been using it.  However, being the ever resourceful Orky Mek that I am.... I guess I'll just have to make some not-so-loyal loyalist Marines to be Battle Brothers with my not-so-loyal Imperial Guard er,uhm Astral Miltitialarium ,er whatever ya call 'em. Honestly, for a hobbyist, there are always options, though it does always seem like I have to change my armies around with every edition. And this edition was a bit quick in coming. I mean.... didn't I just buy a rulebook a few months ago? Must be because I'm getting old and time is flying. 

Anyways, back to Bob....and his mouth.  I have no pictures to show, but I can give you an update and this BEEeeeeeautiful picture....

Imagine if you will, instead of a single flat sucker, a number of sucker "lips". That's where I'm going with Bob's mouth. I tried several methods for crafting teeth (and took photos that just didn't come out) out of styrene. Finally, I ended with ...of course... the most tedious, but it will look the best. So each "lip" or coil of green stuff will have a row of nasty looking teeth, which are like hooks.  So it will take some time. Hopefully, I'll have at least one lip or so done by mid-week to show.

In the meantime, I just got my hot little hands on the new rulebook which I'll start to absorb.... slowly. Hopefully, I'll get to actually play more games with this edition than I did the last (as my wife sarcastically pointed out today) And Games Workshop is going to complicate my hobby plans by giving me a new Ork codex, so I may have to dust of Da Rednekkz! Still working on my hobby room as well and doing an inventory of sorts. I think I'll be doing a Chaos version of Creed, just for giggles in the near future.

That's all for now. Cheer's Ya'll!

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