Monday, May 5, 2014

I got my EYE on you!

Ms. Blinky in all her glory! She's done and I'm happy about that. I know...I know, shuddup and get to the photos!

The aft quarters....

AND... the front quarters.

Here's a close up on her horked up nastiness....

And one last one.... just because she's so friggin sexy.....

1 down, a seeming billion more projects to go.  All of the roadblocks/hurdles that have kept me from regular updates are pretty much out of the way so I should be doing regular weekly updates in the Monday evening/wee-hours of the Tuesday morning (EST-USA) and maybe the occasional shot later in the week if something cool happens. What's next? I'm not sure, but I can tell you straightening my art/hobby room is first on my list before I get anything else going. Its good to be back.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. This model evokes an instant response of disgust. It's amazingly done. Wow! I'd probably miss shooting at it just from the paintjob!

  2. Looking amazing, and well worth the wait!

    As for what's next, why not something Khornate... ;)

    Keep up the great work!