Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Creative droppings...

Just a quick note on a change I made to my other languishing blog. It had been intended to be used for one creative project, but I've decided just to use it for all non-hobby related creative things- comics (mostly) some writing, artwork, sketches, etc.  The URL has changed and I have yet to post anything new, though I will in the next couple days. I DID re-post a comic that I posted here- "Da Rednekk Skwadron #1"  That will be their home from now on over there...well, there and on board their carrier. Oh, wait until you see the carrier. 

 If you want to check out the archives and such or just bookmark it for the future, here's the New Komixshop!

Pictures of some finished plaguebearers and the finished workup on Not-so-Smilin Bob should be up late tomorrow night, so stay tuned.

Cheers Ya'll!

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