Saturday, June 21, 2014

Not-So-Smilin' Bob might almost be smilin'. Maybe.

The sculpting on Not-So-Smilin' Bob is DONE! He'll get zapped with some rusty primer tomorrow, weather permitting and then the painting process begins. I'll just get to the pics...

And a bit more work on the turret.......

In the meantime, I'm continuing work on the older metal Plaguebearers. I love all the plasctic kits these days, especially from a converters point of view, but the many of the old metal sculpts definitely have a charm to them. The Plaguebearer I chose to make my Champion is one of those guys. Lots of cool gribby bits on this guy. I'm thinking I'll use these guys as freshly summoned deamons, so that's what the glowing green eye and head thing is, its just a bit different.

I may add some stuff to the bases eventually, dried leaves or the like. While working on these guys I'm using a LOT of overlapping washes and I got to thinking about blood and various nastiness. I may just have to do a tutorial post or two on that kind of thing.  Hmmmm.

Personal moment of achievement in this particular post. I have to date done all this stuff on my VIO, which is....tempermental sometimes. This post and all the photo processing,etc was (finally)done on my main graphics desktop, with a new (er..better) version of Paint Shop Pro, etc. And it was painfully easy. So happy. Hopefully, it'll make posting much easier and more frequent..... plus I can also get into Photoshop and other cool things on here. :)

ORKS ARE COMING!  I'm one happy Warboss! I'll be dusting the boys off this week and doing some inventory. I already have my Codex and Data cards ordered with my LGS and we;ll see what we need from there.  Also, for those that seen it, you'll soon find out why Orks would attack hippie music festivals "Da Rednekk Skwadron" #2 is in the pencil stage (yes, I'm an old fart... I still work with pen and paper)  Its going to be a fun summer. I'm excited. And I know its hard to tell from the pictures above, but so is Bob.

Cheer's Yall!

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