Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday hits the Mekshop

My mom bought me my first model kit - the USS Missouri- I believe in 1976. So, I've been building models for a while. I have no idea how many I've built. It started with ships, then planes, then tanks. After college I even joined the IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) chapter in Syracuse NY and competed in many regional shows, organized events and judged models.  Bumping into the Warhammer 40,000 hobby in college in 1991 was a great excuse to play with my models... just like I did as a kid. And 20-odd years later, I'm still at it.

I'm thinking there may have been a budding Orky Mek  back in the late '70's lurking inside this somewhat innocent child. Here working on a A7 Corsair II...which was kind of Orky....

And proudly displaying a successful decal application on the Blue Angels.. back when they flew F4 Phantoms.

Note the carrier fleet in the case in the background. 

So one of the reasons for my nostalgia comes in part from digging up old photos to post on Facebook, but it also reminds me that I've been doing this for a long time and a great deal of model building is second nature to me at this point. My wife pointed out over dinner the other night that it'd probably be good for me to do some posts about hobby basics, since not everyone who reads this blog has been building models for 30+ years. And she's probably right.  I may not be THE authority, but It did inspire me to begin work on a few "Da Rednekk's Modelbuilding 101" posts which I'll be dropping into the mix... just to share the way I've learned to do things. Its not the ONLY way to do things, but its the things I've learned over time and I hope you like them. 

In other news I've spent most of this week,uh.. organizing my hobby room (its amazing how much garbage you can aquire) and I'm pretty much back in shape to paint and build again.  More progress on my metal plaguebearers to post around the weekend. And I have to say I'm wound pretty friggin tight about the new ORK codex! I did an inventory on my ork army and its likely there will be Orks mixed in with the Chaos stuff I'm working on.   New comics coming online soon at Da Comixshop too. Lots to do.

Cheers Yall!

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