Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stripey Pants and Rockets!

The stripey pants painting has begun! Of course, I forgot to do an step-by-step on the white but the actual stripes are a bit simpler. It starts with off white pants (because Orks really don't give a fat squig's ass about how white their whites are and grots aren't as reliable at laundry as one might hope) and an HB technical pencil. Then a 10/0 brush and some GW Macragge Blue.

The touch-up phase is next to straighten out lines. Then a drybrush of Desert Sand (I use a craft paint for bases)- something like GW Bleached Bone or Karak Stone would work too- just to dirty things up and give some base contrasts for inks and washes.

Then GW Macragge Blue with a drybrush highlight of GW Hoeth Blue, plus GW Hoeth Blue and a light grey.  All of that would get a healthy wash with GW Drakenhof Nightshade. Then its painting over the straps on the pants and on to more details.

In the end, I love my Orks. But, I guess there is absolutely no way I can simply paint them. Its going to kill me with 100 Orks to paint, but damn it.. I'd rather be happy with the way they look.  This guy is done...... except for the base.

AND, because I painted him YEeeeeeears ago... I'm going to have to get 'Da Boss' looking like the rest of the gang. The skin is different, rust is different .... and I'm in love with the GW shades. Get ready for Mista Ozprey Mk 2.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celebrating 40K with some 40K.

Well, my happy little hobby blog has breached 40,000 page views. Thanks gang, I really appreciate the interest. I'll do my best to keep things interesting and fun.

On the Nurgly front, I've been working on the plastic Plaguebearers. I had seen some gripes about the interwebs about these fellows not being all that characterful. The more I mess around with the kit the more I disagree. One of the easy things you can do is some easy clipping around the head attachment to turn the heads. Its amazing just how much character you can get with this little tweek. Of course, you'll need to fill in some gaps with greenstuff.

The way the arms attach to the shoulders is the same thing, a little sanding and fill as needed and you can change the position. Of course you can go nuts and cut limbs, pin limbs, sculpt and fill parts if you really want to , but you can really get alot out of this kit with simple conversions to keep the gang looking a bit different. The Champion, I put a bit more into... added some sculpting and gribbly looking nastiness. I like this guy.

Thanks to the shiny new codex, my Ork army has risen from its dusty hiding place.  Da Rednekks and WAaaaaagh! Rustbutt! are on the rampage again...well, sort of, at least they are finally getting built and painted. The first group I broke out was my Stormboyz. I'm planning on another 10, but this scurvy lot are part of the Freebooter Fleet that tags along with Da Rednekks Space Hulk. Here's my Zagstruk stand-in Mista Ozprey..

And now the first five of his long suffering Freebooter Stormboyz.....

I also started some converting on the new Painboy model.  I plan to do enough conversion to him so I can use him as Mad Dok Grotsnik if I choose. And I'm definitely doing something about the face on that grot on his shoulder. Absolutely beautiful mini other than that. What's up with that mouth?

That's all for now. Off on a brief holiday, but should be back up with something new in a week or so. Thanks again for viewing my humble hobby blog everyone.  Orks, Inquisitors & friends, Chaos (of course) and my ancient Space Wolf army reborn to come over the following months. And possibly a comic or two.

Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, July 7, 2014

From the Workbench: The Rat Patrol: A New Beginning

I'm not sure how many of you are old enough to remember this "glorious" television classic from the '60's, but I remember seeing reruns of it when I was a kid. Being the son of a WW2 vet and my best friend's dad also being a WW2 vet, we used to eat anything WW2 up, no matter how campy. As those of you who have followed this blog know, my Astra MilitarImperial Guard army is not exactly loyal to the Emperor. There will be some tricksy ally shenanigans in the future so I can get some Battle Brother love, but in the meantime, I need to get my army playable.  I've been stripping minis from the FREE MINI ACQUISITION and taking inventory with most of my hobby time of late, which frankly is pretty damned boring - though I did get a lot done.  I ran across these guys, which I had intended to use as plague zombies at one point (and did in one game)...

Yep...rats and lots of them.  A friend had talked me into the idea of getting back into Warhammer Fantasy when the last edition came out and I started grabbing up Skaven, mostly from the starter set. I also converted one guy, as a test to see if I could make cultist/guardsmen out of them...

Cut down the lasgun , add a couple bits of kit and ...BAM!... cultist/guardsman type ratman thingy.  Yeah, he's a little short... but so was Luke Skywalker. I also have 60-80 or so (frankly, I'm not really sure) Forgeworld militia torsos that need arms as well, but over time, I have acquired a fairly silly amount of extra,uhm AM bits.  Here's a couple of new guys sans green stuff straps and such, but with the basics....

Not sure if its the best strategy, but I'm planning on arming at least one (if not both) of my platoon command squads with 2 flamers. They can't really do much aside from give orders and die, but if anyone charges them, those flamers could really hurt on overwatch. Though I'll likely make some options, since I have about 8 extra guys after laying out the parade ground.  Each command squad will also get a Vox Creep like THIS GUY.  But, here's the whole gaggle (boy, do I have a LOT of work ahead of me)

Heavy Weapons teams will be Rat Ogre/Chaos Spawn weapon beasts with a handler (on the right sized base) The teams of 6 on the side are slated for Special weapons details. Most likely either snipers (or ratlings - fitting?) or Demo charge teams - because nothing says Chaos like suicidal rats with big explosives. I also have Storm Vermin for veterans/Commisars or Stormtroopers if I'm feeling crazy. And I have about 40 or so Plague monks to work with in various roles. I suppose I need to do an overall Rat commander too.   One other "little" project I have in mind, is converting/scratchbuilding Tauros transports for one platoon.. just so I can call them the Rat Patrol. Sure, they will die horribly... but the Chaos Gods are fine with that.

That's it for now.  Cheers Ya'll!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

There Be Deamons Here!

The old metal Plaguebearers are finished. Of these first 8, you've seen a few, but here they are all based up and ready for the table.... with some friends.

The other two are my favorite sculpts. The one guy is very simian, I almost converted him into the champion. The musician/standard guy is just a very characterful sculpt, especially with the little nurgling over his shoulder. So, I did a little montage to show the colors and the details.

But, wait..... there's more. These guys are on the modeling table.

I also did some rednekk engineering with a model box, tape and some paper into a new photo set up. I'm really pleased with the way the pictures came out and I can just set it aside and put it on the desk as needed. I didn't need to manipulate the colors in the photo editor at all and they look pretty much dead on. Makes for a happy rednekk. :)

"Da Rednekk Skwadron" #2 is on the board and will be up at Da Comixshop this weekend.  If you are here in the states (or an American elsewhere in the world) an early Happy Independence Day to you! Remember, don't hold on to any fireworks until they go off. It tends to hurt. Only Orks can get away with stuff like that. Party responsibly (unless you are at home) and if you do anything stupid...send me pictures.

Cheers Ya'll!