Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celebrating 40K with some 40K.

Well, my happy little hobby blog has breached 40,000 page views. Thanks gang, I really appreciate the interest. I'll do my best to keep things interesting and fun.

On the Nurgly front, I've been working on the plastic Plaguebearers. I had seen some gripes about the interwebs about these fellows not being all that characterful. The more I mess around with the kit the more I disagree. One of the easy things you can do is some easy clipping around the head attachment to turn the heads. Its amazing just how much character you can get with this little tweek. Of course, you'll need to fill in some gaps with greenstuff.

The way the arms attach to the shoulders is the same thing, a little sanding and fill as needed and you can change the position. Of course you can go nuts and cut limbs, pin limbs, sculpt and fill parts if you really want to , but you can really get alot out of this kit with simple conversions to keep the gang looking a bit different. The Champion, I put a bit more into... added some sculpting and gribbly looking nastiness. I like this guy.

Thanks to the shiny new codex, my Ork army has risen from its dusty hiding place.  Da Rednekks and WAaaaaagh! Rustbutt! are on the rampage again...well, sort of, at least they are finally getting built and painted. The first group I broke out was my Stormboyz. I'm planning on another 10, but this scurvy lot are part of the Freebooter Fleet that tags along with Da Rednekks Space Hulk. Here's my Zagstruk stand-in Mista Ozprey..

And now the first five of his long suffering Freebooter Stormboyz.....

I also started some converting on the new Painboy model.  I plan to do enough conversion to him so I can use him as Mad Dok Grotsnik if I choose. And I'm definitely doing something about the face on that grot on his shoulder. Absolutely beautiful mini other than that. What's up with that mouth?

That's all for now. Off on a brief holiday, but should be back up with something new in a week or so. Thanks again for viewing my humble hobby blog everyone.  Orks, Inquisitors & friends, Chaos (of course) and my ancient Space Wolf army reborn to come over the following months. And possibly a comic or two.

Cheers Ya'll!

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  1. You know the mouth on the grot is supposed to be sewed shut? That's why it looks so weird. Bad sculpting IMO. -HellBane