Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stripey Pants and Rockets!

The stripey pants painting has begun! Of course, I forgot to do an step-by-step on the white but the actual stripes are a bit simpler. It starts with off white pants (because Orks really don't give a fat squig's ass about how white their whites are and grots aren't as reliable at laundry as one might hope) and an HB technical pencil. Then a 10/0 brush and some GW Macragge Blue.

The touch-up phase is next to straighten out lines. Then a drybrush of Desert Sand (I use a craft paint for bases)- something like GW Bleached Bone or Karak Stone would work too- just to dirty things up and give some base contrasts for inks and washes.

Then GW Macragge Blue with a drybrush highlight of GW Hoeth Blue, plus GW Hoeth Blue and a light grey.  All of that would get a healthy wash with GW Drakenhof Nightshade. Then its painting over the straps on the pants and on to more details.

In the end, I love my Orks. But, I guess there is absolutely no way I can simply paint them. Its going to kill me with 100 Orks to paint, but damn it.. I'd rather be happy with the way they look.  This guy is done...... except for the base.

AND, because I painted him YEeeeeeears ago... I'm going to have to get 'Da Boss' looking like the rest of the gang. The skin is different, rust is different .... and I'm in love with the GW shades. Get ready for Mista Ozprey Mk 2.

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  1. Wow...just wow! I can't even. These are great! I love them!