Wednesday, July 2, 2014

There Be Deamons Here!

The old metal Plaguebearers are finished. Of these first 8, you've seen a few, but here they are all based up and ready for the table.... with some friends.

The other two are my favorite sculpts. The one guy is very simian, I almost converted him into the champion. The musician/standard guy is just a very characterful sculpt, especially with the little nurgling over his shoulder. So, I did a little montage to show the colors and the details.

But, wait..... there's more. These guys are on the modeling table.

I also did some rednekk engineering with a model box, tape and some paper into a new photo set up. I'm really pleased with the way the pictures came out and I can just set it aside and put it on the desk as needed. I didn't need to manipulate the colors in the photo editor at all and they look pretty much dead on. Makes for a happy rednekk. :)

"Da Rednekk Skwadron" #2 is on the board and will be up at Da Comixshop this weekend.  If you are here in the states (or an American elsewhere in the world) an early Happy Independence Day to you! Remember, don't hold on to any fireworks until they go off. It tends to hurt. Only Orks can get away with stuff like that. Party responsibly (unless you are at home) and if you do anything stupid...send me pictures.

Cheers Ya'll!

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