Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dropping in a quick one.

Any of you that have been reading for a while, know I did some consolidating a while back. I had 2 Drop pod kits in a bag. I decided to break them out and build them. A word to the wise... if you do that sort of thing, look at them before you bag them and throw the boxes away. Turns out one kit was missing the sprue for the bottom of the pod. I got an extra of the other sprue, so I bitz ordered the base and the engine and I built the other one.  Look...a drop pod!

I know, exciting. Its primed grey on the outside and bleached bone on the inside. See....

I left out the harnesses, etc. and filled in the holes for a nice flat pad for whoever or whatever might be in the pod for the game. The end result, once the painting is finished is a "generic" pod with minimal markings I can use for any marine army. Though I must admit, the temptation to do something like "Bob's Rent-A-Pod" was extreeeeeemely hard to resist.

Now for abit of history... of sorts. My first army, my favorite army... was Space Wolves. I've bought and sold 4 Space Wolf armies. And now, I'm starting another one ( because I'm slightly insane). Here's the beginning of one of my heroes.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. I really like the brighter interior, it's like a little surprise inside. I'll be working on my own drop pod, it's up to basecoat stage but still has to have all the vanes attached.

  2. Tanks and such have light colors on the interior, I figured a drop pod would also. And like you say, it breaks up the monotony of one color.