Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Extreme Makeover: Ork Edition.

Mista Ozprey needed his color scheme "modernized" to look good with his eventual hoard of Freebooter Stormboyz.  Basically, my formulas for rust and ork skin have changed in the years since I first painted him and the introduction of those glorious shades by GW have basically changed the way I paint.  So, without further ado.... the new and improved, Mista Ozprey. (the "before" is on the left - the "after" is on the right. )

And here's a shot with one of the boyz...

And now, something a bit different... a bit of an editorial.  The last week or so, Casa d Rednekk has been plagued with several computer issues - funky modems, pc power supplies dieing,etc.etc.  Being an old fart (i.e Child of the '70's) it got me to thinking how much we rely on computers. I know its no earth shattering thought, but its crazy how being without one...or without internet just impacts ones life these days. What scares me even more is what would happen if it all goes down? Yikes. So, I guess its kind of nice we all have a hobby where we still do something that doesn't require a computer and involves interacting with real people ....well, except when you are surfing blogs.

So, the next post should be the other 4 stormboyz finished. Then..... I think I'll dust off something scary.

Cheers, ya'll!


  1. Fantastic. I really like this, because it is not just awesomely orky, but it really showcases your talent as it has progressed over time.

    It's really easy to see that even though both models have propa wear and weathering, the new revision is much cleaner, and the detail much more apparent.

    Did you completely strip the model down before repainting? I figure he's probably metal...

  2. Thanks, glad you like it! Some of the worn metal doesn't show through well on the photos, but it is cleaner and goes better with the newer orks I'm painting.

    But I didn't strip it, just painted over the old one in places. In alot of places I left the old red or used it as a base and stippled in something different. Or I did washes. The skin was a complete repaint as were most of the rust areas, but the rest was just touch up. The original model is finecast with plastic and greenstuff, so I was hesitant to do a complete paint strip.

    1. I'm even more impressed now. I'm always worried about repainting a model without stripping it, because I feel it would add too many paint layers. (usually I put too much paint on the older models as well). The fact you got such a great result makes me thing I should give it a shot! Thanks!