Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ms. Charlotte's New Wings

Lots to get to!  First, there are new shoulder plates for the Khorne Dogs. Regrettably, my order came up a bit short and I have to order more to finish the unit, but most of them look something like this.

But mostly, I've been busy sculpting.  Here's what my Typhus stand-in is looking like so far.....

And now for the big suprise. I dusted off Ms. Charlotte ....and now she has wings.

After a long, long, long period of agonizing over what wings to put on her, I went with Hive Tyrant wings. It got a bit nasty from there once I got the green stuff out.... <evil grin>  

And my little screaming skeleton guy is still hooked up inside. :)

Hope you like it so far. Lots more to do.

Cheers Ya'll!

1 comment:

  1. %@#0279352@!!!! Charlotte is incredible! I am smashing my hands into my keyboard at my inability to articulate how awesome this is.