Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Fly Guy and Fly Gal.

Looks like I'll actually get to play Warhammer 40k in the coming week. It'll be my first game of 7th Edition. After putting together several lists with the miniatures I have available (I can't actually get to my whole collection because the house is still not back together yet) I decided I'll be working on the boys in the list over the next few weeks to get some paint on them and finish them off. It'll be interesting to see if the losing streak continues for the Templars of DOOooom!

I ended up proxying a few minis here and there, so it has become clear I have a few holes to fill. One of them, a Sorceror(ess) with a jumppack (wings).  Here's what I have, so far...

Of course, no plague army would be complete without a Typhus stand-in. Here's the beginning of mine...

And a close-up on the sculpting so far....

Lots more work to do to make him gross and disgusting. 

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Very cool conversions. Love your gs work on them

  2. Very cool conversions. Your sculpt work is always amazing. When you get the game going, please snap some photos for us of the tabletop! (want to see the army in its glory!)