Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From the Workbench: THAT Rhett Bastid!!

This guy may be the most extensive green stuff conversion I've done.  The last two things that he needed were an arm and feet. First, the arm...

I used a zombie arm as an ARM-ature <insert rimshot and cymbal crash here>  Basically, I just pinned it in and then the sculpting began. Here's the final results.....

Its still amazing to me, being an old fart, what you can find on Google Images. When I was in college, you'd have to go to bookstores and several libraries to find good photo references, now you can type in something like "fat arms" into Google images and "POOF!" things you probably don't need to see.  But wait!... He still needs feet!  Before the arm sculpts began, Rhett had a tender moment with his scythe, Elvis.

For feet, I went with hooves. And.... well, that means the sculpting on Rhett (save his base) is finally...FINALLY... done.

There's likely to be a nurgling (or two) on the base... depending on how busy they make it. Otherwise I'll just smooth out the rock he's standing on and put some more dead things and a rat or two on there.  I plan on entering a painting challenge over at Bolter & Chainsword and he'll be one of the minis I try to get painted during the time allotted. 

OH! Speaking of rats!  Somebody Has to be named Willard. If you don't get the reference, check this out....

That's it for now,folks. I'm going to endeavor to finish up Ms.Charlotte soon and I have to work on some Orks as well as my Nurgly stuff.  Much more to come.

Cheers y'all!


  1. The fact that he named his scythe elvis...that's it. I'm done. The model is just too good. To say it's oozing (pun intended) character is a massive understatement. Your work with green stuff is an inspiration, and I love coming back to your blog and seeing what you've created. You've even got me getting a tentacle maker and some green stuff to work on Tuska Daemon killa!

  2. Excellent! Do you have a blog or have pics posted someplace, Greg? Would love to see it.

    I'm working on some comics with Rhett in them too. The only problem with doing 40K comics is its Games Workshop's IP, so you can only do it for entertainment. Since artwork is one of the ways I make (or try to make) a living, I get a bit hesitant to spend alot of valuable creative time/energy/materials on them, but the ideas are there and,frankly, I think people will enjoy them.

  3. I haven't started on the green stuff work yet Red, but my blog is
    and @3dgreg (on twitter).

    Tuska's base is going to be a troll from warmachine, with a maxmini.eu tech freak head, armor plates from a deff dread, an engine from a stormraven, and thrusters from a stormtalon, on a flying base, with a giant power claw. (that's the idea at least). It's a slow progress as I reteach myself how to paint and learn tons of new techniques. Have till next September though!

    You could double up on the comics as inspiration for additional development of future characters, thus doubling your efforts. Sketching ideas is always one of the first parts of artistic endeavors (at least my professors used to yell at me about, since I hate drawing cause I'm rubbish at it).

    I'd greatly enjoy the comics. Interested in just seeing the style!

  4. Great work. Incredible GS skills!