Thursday, October 30, 2014

THAT Rhett Bastid! What a Bastid.

Just a quick progress report on THAT Rhett Bastid! He's proving to be quite the bastid.... or its a bastid trying to get him to look the way I want him to. Not sure which. LOTS of time with the reading glasses, 10/0 brushes and wash after wash later, here's what I have at the moment.

Work has begun on the Destroyer Hive. I also decided to dull down the scythe to get more of a rotten/poison look. Just base colors on Elvis at this point, he'll be last.  Rhett is about 80% done. The armor is mostly done. I have to fix his big eye a bit, but after that its details - skulls, blight head, piddly bits on the base, etc.  Then onto Elvis.

A detail shot.  I'm not happy with the eye shape, so I'll fix it to give it a more comic/diabolical look....rather than the far too friggin round look it has now. I'll probably add a little "eye glow" since he's in mid-spell/controlling his not-so-dead minions. Armor needs to be chipped and made a bit more filthy,etc as well.  The only problem with him being part of the painting challenge on Bolter & Chainsword is I'm spending all my time on him. So, don't be suprised if you see dome plaguebearer mass production or two vehicles at a time painting in the next post. Yeah, I have until the Ides of January, but my second part-time gig is retailand Christmas will be in the midst of that, so December will suck. I really need to get a different gig, it just ruins holidays OR make more money at the home business. Hopefully, the latter will start happening in the coming months. :)  More soon.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. Ha! I actually like the way the eye looks. The paintjob is great. What a wonderful treat it's been to see this model come together!

    Wait..B&C is having another contest? I didn't miss ETL 4 did I?

  2. That really is looking fantastic! ...And gross. As it should! :)

  3. Thanks Gregg! The painting challenge is Call of Chaos VII on Bolter & Chainsword. I figure it'll help me get some stuff painted at better than my normal "crippled snail" speed.

    Mordian7th. Groos and fantastic are what I'm going for. ;) Thanks for the kind words.

  4.'s some heretical heresy contest, that's why I don't know about it. Best of luck in the competition! Your posts got me to pick up some greenstuff, so you can smile about that!