Thursday, November 6, 2014

THAT Rhett Bastid! ...and Friends.

Here he is... in all his puss ridden glory, THAT Rhett Bastid!

A close up of the Destroyer Hive.....

And a collage of some detail areas.....

Moving right along on the Call to Chaos challenge...  the Plaguebearers are underway..

That's all for now, lots to paint.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Absolutely stunning and inspirational work. I can't even imagine how cool this guy looks in person!

  2. Thanks, Gregg! Its been a fun piece to work on. I've learned a lot in the process too, which is always important. After looking at the photos there are a couple things I'm going to tweek (the lower lip bugs me and his nostrils) - because, ya know... no one will ever see then 5' away on a tabletop, if I ever actually get to play before the next edition drops - yes... believe it or not, I have YET to play a 7th edition game. Between my schedule and just finding an opponent at the LGS, its pretty impossible. Its one of the reasons I've been trying (and mostly succeding.... mostly) to not spend $$ on new models.

    1. Well from the sound of it, you take as much, if not more joy, in the sculpting and creating of your art pieces then the game itself!

      7th is pretty fun though, its wildly different then 6th (very dynamic, every turn is different).

      You should consider entering this guy in a competition if you attend any events! Highly recommend it, it's a great way to meet new artists and learn tips! (even if you don't place).

  3. Regrettably, I never get to events anymore. I think my last one was sometime in the last century. I've worked weekends since 1998 and its usually tough to plan or get time off (though my jobs have changed) That's one of the reasons I don't play 40k much. The local scene used to be active on Wednesday nights, then a bunch of guys left/moved (Orlando is good like that, people move a LOT) .. so now its all about Saturday nights, which I just can't do. It sucks.

    But, Yeah... the painting/modeling part is definitely my favorite part of the hobby. Still, its nice to actually play the game. Plus, it helps to justify the continued expenditure of time and money....otherwise, I should just build paint and sell my minis.... for basically pennies on the dollar - once labor and such is figured in. Which is basically why I stopped doing commissions....except for the occasional friend.