Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Drooling Lip and Blood Bath of Many Colors.

First, the drooling lip.....

Yup. I have finished THAT Rhett Bastid's face. He's Done,done,done. It looks a bit grosser up close, but this seemed to be the best shot I could get of the glossy black-purple ooze. Nice and shiny. Yuck.

Another shot of my army's new leader (soon to star in his own comic, but shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone...especially him, he's got such an ego already)

I like this angle because you get a sense of his rattiness along with the full-on nasty Nurgly paunch and all. Now, I have about a hundred friggin rat-zombies to work on. Eeeeek!

(This might be a bit of a rant... but bear with me, it has something to do with the models below)
During my forced time off, I've spent a bit too much time on gaming forums and playing PC games.
Come to find out, after all of my time and considerable effort I've been painting all wrong! Not to mention, that painting Nurgle is EASY!! I guess all you really need to do is just slap some washes on until things look like mud and you are done!  It didn't matter if I tried to argue the point, I was wrong. (honestly, I don't think they even bothered to check out the link to my blog, but I did pick up two more followers during this online harang, so something good came out of it. Damn it.... I've wasted so much time.

Seriously, as much as I love some of the online community - THE Bolter & Chainsword, Da WAaagh! at the top of the list along with any of the blogs on the sidebar - the rest can become alot like reading the comments under news articles. I really know I shouldn't, if I want to keep any hope I have left for humanity being smarter than a turd sniffing monkey (which is a GRRRrrreat name for a Space Marine Chapter) Along with some recent conversations I had on facebook after getting out of hospital with one of my art professors and a few fellow artists from college days, I'm here to tell you the ONE paramount truth about painting. It doesn't matter how or by what means, its all about getting the paint on the canvas (or in this case the miniature) You can use a toothpick, an airbrush, a slingshot with a hollowed out egg (Yeah, we did that one in college) or an elephants ass (though that could be tough on miniatures).... do it your way. Don't listen to these people. Don't listen to me. well...er, except now... but, dammit you know what I mean. BE YOURSELF. There is no right or wrong way. Granted, there are ways that will look like shit, but if you don't push yourself, experiment, fail miserably many,many times, you'll never,ever,ever, get better.

And under that soapbox? Ick!  Deamons!

I got so pissed off, that besides swearing to not visit a couple websites ever again and to not click on comment on a couple others, I decided to take my own advice and break out of the box a bit. Especially since I was told you can't paint with washes only slather them on, by one "genius"  FIRST...we have Plaguie #1.

 #1: has a base coat of spray GW Bleached Bone, a uniform overall wash of good ol' Athonian Camoshade and that's about it. We'll call that the "Patient Zero Base" Its the base coat the whole unit has. Originally, I figured- like most units- I'd paint them the same to give them cohesion. Now I've decided to paint them pretty much all different with some similarities.

#2: With the Patient Zero Base, he got an overall drybrushing of GW Rakarth Flesh. Then I screwed up a bit...at least from what I wanted. I highlighted some areas with GW Tausept Ochre, Then started stippling in with an OLD GW Flesh Wash.  Old as in, I'm fairly sure the stuff has fermented OLD.  I have inks from the first run that are still good (though they smell funky) but this one is from the second phase of GW paints and it was NAAaaaasty.  It got very chestnutty when it dried.I dropped some of my Bone Mix (50/50 brown/black wash) in the recesses. He's a little lighter than he looks in the photo, but that will definitely be an undercoat to work from. Yikes.

#3: Starting with Patient Zero,  he got a light drybrushing of GW Rakarth Flesh and than some highlights with  Rakarth/Elf Flesh (50/50) Then an overall of GW Druchii Violet , which I usually use as a shader. Its really a gross, neat skin tone.

#4: After doing the last one, I had to see what Patient Zero would look like with just GW Druchii Purple. SO, a basic wash and some stippling in the shadows.  Its really a nice base.  This also got me to think about other washes.

#5: His Patient Zero got a full shot of GW Asurmen Blue.  He looks a bit like a swamp craeture but, I can do something with that. And finally...

#6: I took the GW Carroburg Crimson to this guys Patient Zero scheme and the results were really interesting. The base greenish tan with red, you will end up with some sort of brown looking thin, no doubt.... but this one was suitably cool. AND THEN... you hit some areas with Asurman Blue... and you have some great looking spots for future bruised skin or internal bleeding,etc.  Making things look kinda gross isn't hard, but making them look convincingly gross...well, that takes some trickery.

Hell week for me is coming up (Job #2 is retail.....at Christmas....it sucks) but I should get another in before Santa comes calling. I swear, I'ma gonna git me a reindeer fer sure dis year <clik-ak!> Until then... Cheers, Ya'll!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Brief Video Interlude For All the Mad Meks Out There...

If you are an Orky Mek at heart, a kitbasher or just fan of the old "Mad Max" movies, this might grab your attention....

Its been kicking around a while, but that's what Orky .....or CHAOS buggies aught to look like. ;)

As for me, I'll break one of blogging's primary rules and apologize for my absence. First it was Thanksgiving Holiday, than an unwanted "holiday" in hospital. But I'm out and healing and should have some Warhammer modelling goodness up in the next few days (likely Sun-Mon timeframe) as I still have a painting challenge to finish. Until then...Cheers ya'll!