Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Brief Video Interlude For All the Mad Meks Out There...

If you are an Orky Mek at heart, a kitbasher or just fan of the old "Mad Max" movies, this might grab your attention....

Its been kicking around a while, but that's what Orky .....or CHAOS buggies aught to look like. ;)

As for me, I'll break one of blogging's primary rules and apologize for my absence. First it was Thanksgiving Holiday, than an unwanted "holiday" in hospital. But I'm out and healing and should have some Warhammer modelling goodness up in the next few days (likely Sun-Mon timeframe) as I still have a painting challenge to finish. Until then...Cheers ya'll!


  1. And now you reminded me there is no new buggy kit! Thanks for the trailer link! I didn't know it was updated!

  2. Yeah, the new trailer is pretty awesome. I wonder why its so friggin hard to make a darn Buggy kit for the Orks?

    1. I was kinda of hoping it might be a xmas release, but doesn't look like it now :(.