Monday, January 12, 2015

Green Tanks and Rats

After a mind-numbing series of little brush strokes and one green after another. The Green on the Vindicator is DONE.... 

The top is the completed treatment from the last post, with some shading (Druchii Purple Wash)  Then, a couple washes - one overall, one to darken areas with the same downward stroke technique- of good ol' Althonian Camoshade and BAM.... greens are done.  Not on to the organic bits and the rusting/weathering.  I still have a Rhino and some Plaguebearers to finish by Thursday. Lots of painting the next two days. I'm kind of going into the old college all- nighter mode. And frankly, I'm kind of loving it...aside from my wife's vehicle deciding to break in the middle of it all.

One of the conversion projects that will happen after this painting challenge (besides finishing Ms. Charlotte) will be to make some nasty,Nurgly Obliterators from Rat Ogres.  I have 4 from the Island of Blood set and plan to get 1 box of the new nasty ones when they come out. Damn you, GW for making me buy more miniatures! will be a very Nurgly 7 total. I've been going to an artist get together of late and took this guy with me as a reference....

And came up with something like this for a concept sketch...

Well, that's it for now. I'll have another post later in the week - no matter what level of success, on the Call of Chaos painting challenge group.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Crazy Tank, nice work.
    For the chaos :)

  2. Have you thought about using the venomthrope heads as a base for some of your head conversions?

  3. Yeah, they are on the short list for possible bits, along with plague fly heads. I'm hoping I can do it without ordering more/ spending more $$ (besides the inevitable set of Stormfiends) I also want to keep challenging myself with the sculpting. And I have a half dozen (or more) ideas on where/how to place the weapons. In the long run, I'm betting each one of "The Seven" will be his own cute little individual.