Thursday, January 15, 2015

Missed it by THAT much...

...who am I kidding, I needed about 4 more days. Abject failure for the Call of Chaos VII painting challenge. Well, at least when it comes to the dead line. 

As for the Vindicator, I started the gribblies and nasty deamonic infected parts. Here they are primed and washed in purple,crimson and some green.

I worked on the Rhino while waiting for washes to dry.  Here's a great shot that shows the difference in the two post and pre-washes..

Somewhere along the way, working around all this Nurgly stuff brought me the "blessing" of a flu-like evil thing (or, more likely, the wife carried it home from those little plaguebearers she teaches at school)   The time I've lost (so far) I probably could have finished both vehicles before the deadline... but here they stand.  Close, but not totally finished.

The Vindicator....

And the Rhino....

Still lots of detailing,weathering and tentacly gribblies to finish on both of them.  The 10 Plaguebearers are at Stage 2 , they still need highlighting and detailing.

One of these days, I'll do a painting challenge and remember how terribly slow I paint.  But, I'll be finishing these projects up. The vehicles are definitely priority 1. The Plaguebearers will likely be the side project I work on while I'm waiting for greenstuff or paint to dry. That's all for now.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. That is excellent work! I love the shade of green you have achieved and will be cheekily "borrowing" the idea from you at some point ;)

    1. Feel free to loot. And if you need any refresh on the recipe, let me know. I could see the technique working with almost any color

  2. Really nice work. Loving the post wash look on the vindi! I don't know how you handle forums AND blogging. I would tear my hair out.

  3. Great work as always! Makes me want to pull out my Death Guard and paint them, but I just don't have a passion for painting 40k since I stopped playing because their new rules suck.