Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tanks for stoppin' by!

No, really. Tanks!  Now that the holiday madness is past and the new calendar year scooting right along, I find myself up against a deadline. My Call of Chaos pledge over at THE Bolter and Chainsword is due soon. Very soon.  As in 7 days.  It was like a ninja, snuck right up on me. This dawning on me (like yesterday, when I put up a new calendar in my art/hobby room) has kicked me into overdrive.  I have 2 vehicles and 10 plaguebearers left to finish. On to the models.....

The Rhino and the Vindicator "primed". Really, primed red brown, then washed with a brown/black. In the Rhino's case I had started painting it a couple years back and didn't like the paint scheme so I gave it a wash with the brown/black as well.  The next step was beginning the layers of greens that would make up the hull color. First, GW Castellan Green.

I used a #6 Flat brush for pretty much everything, usually applying the paint in downward strokes or even thinned dabs. The big thing was getting coverage, but letting some of the brown tones show through in certain places and also for a bit of that war-weary look.  The sad part is, in the long run a good deal of the greens I'm agonizing over will be covered with corruption, rust or weathering. The next step was highlight layers. GW Death World Forest was the first layer in an overall run to bring out edges and add character to the green.

From the side door back you can see the 3rd color, GW Gretchin Green. You can also see the streaky brush application I was talking about.  The 4th step is even more highlights withe GW Ogryn Camo and Bleached Bone. You can see my steps #2- #4 in the next photo.

The plan, once I get that done on both vehicles, is to weather up the greens a bit, do an overall wash with GW Althonian Camoshade...uh,er...just because, and then move on to laying in the major rust areas.  Much more to come, because I aim to meet that deadline. Its good to be back. :)

Cheers ya'll!


  1. I love that texture on the armor panels. It's fantastic. Wow. I love those streaky grime strokes too...must loot for stompa!

  2. I'm using a #6 Flat brush. Use the flat edge to catch the bigger edges and the slim edge to do the streaks with downward strokes. Just start at the top of the panel (or whatever) and go. Real light at first, then a bit more pressure if you need a little more paint. It doesn't hurt to thin the paint with a little matte medium either, but not necessary. It is a bit tedious, but I did the whole vehicle with that one brush.

    1. It's a great effect. Thanks for the tips on doing it. I'll try this with the larger orks. I picked up some oils to do some light washes with mineral spirits (to do streaking like this), we'll see how it turns out in a few weeks when I get to that step. Lotta work trying to find warm moments to put layers of rust on!