Thursday, February 12, 2015

Through the Magnifying Glass(es)

The soundtrack differs with my mood. Gregorian Chants one night, Metallica the next. But, there always seems to be a 10/0 brush involved and this pair of 2x Magnifying glasses perched on the end of my nose. Like many people, I wear corrective lenses to see everyday. Somehow, I let my optometrist talk me into "progressive" lenses, which I find a lot like "progressive" American politics: it might have sounded good at the selling point, but after that the buyers remorse/malaise set in quick. (By the way, getting old sucks - don't do it if you can help it and if you can't, fight it for all its worth.)
 I really don't need my regular glasses for model building or painting and never wear them. The 2x Mag-glasses, on the other hand,  when I crack them out.... it means s*** just got serious. we are....again... faced with the corrupted Vindicator that just won't finish itself.  I actually tried to move it off my desk so I could sculpt or build something tonight, but I just couldn't. So, I got out my 10/0 brush and committed to the work that needed to get done.  Sure, I could hurry it- give a couple good drybrushes and some ink and BAM!!! DONE!!-  but I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I'm bad like that. But first,...a short anecdote.... no really, it'll only take a minute.... or maybe two....

I have a Deviant Art account.  I recently added some miniature photos over there and started a back and forth with another modeller from Germany.  He asked me  how many hours went into building and painting Ms. Blinky ?  Honestly, I took a stab at it, because I lose total track of such things, especially when I'm in "The ZONE"  I've lost entire days to "The ZONE" and still don't know where they are. I could have children I don't know about in "The ZONE".  See, it was only a minute....

For a bit of fun, I put a 1 hour time limit on myself tonight and figured I'd post what detail work I could do in an hour.  And here it is.....

 Tonight's irritating hobby fun was applying a lighter fleshy tone and doing painterly details on all the gribbly parts. Specifically, the hatch. Or what used to be the hatch. Its GW Elf Flesh. With my Mag-glasses on the end of my nose, and my regular glasses above my forehead- in case I needed to see across the room-  I went to work to the thrilling sounds of Gregorian Monk Chants. My wife rolled her eyes, laughed and went to bed.... pointing out for perhaps the millionth time that "There really is something wrong with you.". Giggle if you will, O doubters of my madness, but those chants were made for repetitive work and luckily for me (and I guess you, if you are enjoying any of this) I set an alarm or I'd still be painting, because into "The ZONE" I went. Tiny stripe after sinew-like stripe I painted, feeling my way through the sculpt organically. A ballet of trying to keep that friggin' tiny 10/0 brush loaded with enough paint to make a mark but not too much to make too big of a mark. (I do test stripes on my left thumb) Then a pirouette into the water glass to keep the paint fluid. All kinda Zen-like  er, Moscow ballet Zen like backyard Hootnanny Zen-like........until suddenly, in mid-tentacle... BEEP-BEEP-BEEEP-BEEEP

And here, you can see where I stopped. Poor thing.  All half loved. Like a girl getting a $.99 Valentine's Day card and one of those cheap boxes with only 2 pieces of chocolate. And neither one is a caramel.

It does give you (and me) an idea of what the more crazy-detail, eccentric miniature painters like myself put into some of the things we come up with. It also might make you think when someone is putting a miniature up for sale that is truly well painted how much time went into it and why some of the prices may not be unfounded. Lord knows, selling this or any artwork, you never make a decent rate per hour. Its about the love....yeah, baby yeah!....its all about the love you put into it,man!  Though money does help... if you like food and shelter.

What's next?  Finish the fleshy highlights. Then, another color on some of the pustules. Get reeeeally crazy (anal retentive is a better choice of words) and see if there are any touch ups needed. then the washes begin for shadowing and tinting.  After that, any final weathering/paint chipping. The model gets a fixing coat/dull coat. Then.... lastly... finally, I go in and put gloss medium on any parts I want to be slimy.

Yeah.... I'm going to have to start a building project or a side project before this is finished. Or I may finally lose my mind. Thank the Dark Gods the Rhino is not that complicated of a project.  That's it for now, gang.

Cheers, Ya'll!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

More fun with RUST!

Alright! Grandfather Nurgle's most recent blessings have moved on.... (until the next batch of, I mean tourists bring nasty bugs to town)... and I'm back to the hobby room.  I present the touch ups/clean ups of the weathering powder mishaps.  Here's the BEFORE shot...

And AFTER some stippling and other touch ups. I also started the base colors for the gribbly parts.

And here's the BEFORE picture of the front end......

...AND after some touch up....

This picture doesn't really do the plow justice. The washes weren't quite dry and look a bit blotchy, but dried nice and flat.  And here's a shot of the top. I'm laying in the basic colors to start painting the organic, gribbly parts.

That's all for now, gang. The plan is to keep picking at the Vindicator to get it done, but I'm jonsing to build something, so who knows what might pop up in the next post.

Cheers Ya'll.