Saturday, February 7, 2015

More fun with RUST!

Alright! Grandfather Nurgle's most recent blessings have moved on.... (until the next batch of, I mean tourists bring nasty bugs to town)... and I'm back to the hobby room.  I present the touch ups/clean ups of the weathering powder mishaps.  Here's the BEFORE shot...

And AFTER some stippling and other touch ups. I also started the base colors for the gribbly parts.

And here's the BEFORE picture of the front end......

...AND after some touch up....

This picture doesn't really do the plow justice. The washes weren't quite dry and look a bit blotchy, but dried nice and flat.  And here's a shot of the top. I'm laying in the basic colors to start painting the organic, gribbly parts.

That's all for now, gang. The plan is to keep picking at the Vindicator to get it done, but I'm jonsing to build something, so who knows what might pop up in the next post.

Cheers Ya'll.


  1. The update looks great, that purple really helps to create a contrast between the green and rust. Keep up the disgusting work!

  2. So many wonderful colors and grit. These posts keep inspiring me. Thanks so much for such lovely grimy work!