Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Workbench Quickie!

Uhhhhh, yeah..hehhhehhheeehhhhehe...

Hobby time has been a bit more than limited of late. In part, due to these two!

If you've been following for a while, you know the wife and I are involved in kitty rescue work, specifically newborns and bottle babies.  Well, the wife is out of town and I have these two miscreants to deal with. One was found stuck in a wall by a firefighter and the other in a planter. Plus, the only bathroom I had that was animal free now has a pregnant cat in it.  If you have animals, you know how nice it can be to have some solitary "reading" time.... but no, not anymore.  And within days, I'll have a litter of kittens in there with her.  Welcome to Spring in Central Florida.  Please Spay and Neuter.

BUT... enough of cat world. I've been working fevorishly on artwork for my comics as well as occasionally making it to my hobby desk.  While this is thoroughly unexciting or even inspiring, I have put the base colors on 20+ Necron Warrriors and one grumpy, drooling Ork Mad Dok.  After some serious research on just how friggin' cool Lapis Lazuli can look.  The 0001001 boys are base colored in GW Necron Abyss and my own black brown (GW Scorched Brown + Chaos Black @ 50/50)  The blue parts will be Lapis, the brown will be Bronze, dirty bronze.

I also puttered around with the slow conversion (aren't all of my conversions slow.... I mean, I work way too damned slow.  If only they'd just let me work on hobby stuff. ;)  ) of the first of the DOOOoom Wolves.  These guys are intended as "Space Wolf" allies for my Nurgly Guard er...Adeptus that used to be the Imperial Guard- army, since I can no longer ally my normal Chaos army with it.  Which is BS, by the way... but ya know. I had a guy a couple weeks ago say "Why don't you just get IA 13 (or which ever) with the traitor rules?"  I replied "If you can convince my wife I need a $100+ book for a game I barely play, when I already have rules I can use that the army was built for, knock yourself out." Models are great (and the best part of the game as far as I'm concerned).... but frankly, you can play the game with a bunch of nickles or cut out paper counters if you really want to. If I want my AM/Guardsmen to be Nurgley its perfectly fine.

But, I digress..... here's the start of my Chaosy Space Wolves. Think burning from the inside out with a bad temper, because frankly that can't be comfortable Vikings in power armor.  That'll be the look/paintscheme I'm going for.

Still a lot of sculpting to go on this guy.

Also...dispite all the grumbings on the interwebs ...because afterall, the interwebs are ALWAYS grumbling... I'm more than a bit stoked for the Khorne Deamonkin book. The DOOOoom Wolves, might end up being designed to use more than one Codex.  I've gone a bit sour on the hobby over the past few months because I never can get in a game, but even if they don't make everyone happy (and they never will) a book like this is long in coming for Chaos players.  I'm assuming the other 3 gods will get the same treatment.  Or at least they better.  I'd swore off buying new books, but......

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. crons and chaos wolves? AWESOME! Looking forward to these guys!

  2. I'll be sure not to show my wife your latest post!!