Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From the Workbench: Phalo-cyanine-crons

Phalo-cyanine Blue has always been one of my favorite acrylic paint colors. Its a beautiful blue. With a little white, its a hauntingly beautiful blue. Its so beautiful, when given a mono-chromatic painting project in college (22 years ago) I HAD to use it.

That's not the whole image, but you get the idea of how "PURTY" Phalo-Blue can be.  Well, remember GW Necron Abyss ..... is Phalo-cyanine Blue. If its Necron Abyss.... how come there's no Necrons painted that way? Hrrrmmmmmmm, I said to myself.... that needs to be fixed.  And, I've always wanted to paint an army blue that wasn't "traditionally" blue.

Now, thinking of the Necrons and their background... I'm thinking Lapis Lazuli.

Regrettablly, I haven't had a ton of hobby time, so the lads are looking a little monotone at the moment, with only a basecoat over their primer.  But, its a start.

As for the rest, they are still "under construction"....

BUT... I called in someone to help, who is eager to get painted himself.

          BLAM!!!!!!   Make way, ya git! I'll fix dem boyz up jus' fine!

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. That wolf painting is fantastic, do you have a link the your full image? Good question on why no Necrons are painted with abyss, looking forward to what you do with them - and don't get to distracted too much with the dok

  2. I still have the painting. Its 16 x 20. The scan was of a color copy I had in an old travel portfolio. Until I can figure out how to get the whole 16 x 20 digitized (either with a good photo or scan) that's all I've got at the moment.

    I've got to do some Chaos stuff too. The big distraction is artwork and foster kitties at the moment.... besides normal life. Hoping to find some rythem in the chaos soon.