Sunday, March 1, 2015

From the Workbench: Tin Men!

I've come to a couple conclusions in my absence. One, doctors think a trip to the hospital is always a good idea, never considering how much it costs. Two, I'm fairly certain that several days of fever, deprivation and or hallucinogens were involved in the origin of all major religions, not to mention things like the spork and Ronco's Mister Microphone. (For those too young for that reference, check THIS out!) It also might be responsible for me dusting off my Necrons.

Initially, I bought the first box of Warriors for parts. I was going to use some of the parts for conversions and the rest for bases for my Orks. Then the Allied charts came out and I found out that I could ally Necrons and Orks and that idea was just too cool.... and too damned funny to pass up. I've never been a big fan of the green rods and I want to go with a sickly white-green for the glowing undead feel, so I made carbines. Besides, who the f*** puts an axe on the end of a gun?!?!  Its a quick and easy conversion.

On the left are the cut down parts, on the right the parts before trimming.. When I chop off the grip, I cut the thumb off and glue it on to the hand. I carve out a little "trench" in the hand area where the front "zappy" piece will go. OH... and do futuristic robots need a big sight on the top of the gun?

I go the assembly line up and running and here are the first 10.

And my favorite 5... so far.

Between the two boxes I had, I can get about 21 complete guys.  The left over guys, I'm going to have to make some "Uh... the reanimation thing didn't work so well" - "Hey, where'd my head go?"- guys.  That should be some fun.  The other part of the plan, since I have an absolute TON of unbuilt Orks. SO..... I'm going to mix the Orks with some Necron technology. I'm still working up the back story, whether the Orks are "slaves" or the Crypteks and the Meks did some sort of deal. But Hijinks will ensue. This will give me something to have fun with along with the Chaos army. 

Good stuff ahead and comics as well. Its going to be a fun spring.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Every one needs a good fever now and then to inspire a good necron build! I like the carbine modification.

  2. I'm still thinking about the paint scheme and the background. the background will be usual.... and I know bronze is going to figure into the paint scheme. While I'll be joking with the background, I want to work the ghostly theme with some sickly green glows. Its going to be a fun distraction project to do alongside the ongoing, never ending Chaos army.

    1. A pact between the Meks and Crypteks where both intend to cheat the other seems a good place to start. Perhaps instigated when the Tomb World partially awoke and found orks had already looted some outer chambers and such, the pact allowing for more of the world to awaken for proper greenskin eradication!

      Orks don't stay bought forever anyway.. Not on a whole world full of shiny gubbins and whatsits!

  3. I second the carbine design. Somehow makes them look a bit more menacing and less 'clunky' to my eyes.

    Nice basing so far too!

  4. Of course.... since Orks are "desperate Allies", Chaos Marines aren't a bad choice for allies either. Hmmmm.

  5. Hope you are feeling better! Necron poses and the carbides look awesome. You should throw some necrons in there with shootas confused as to why the guns aren't working, and some orks with necron guns, looking all super happy cause they got the latest shiny thing!