Monday, March 30, 2015

The Vindicator is back!

No. I hadn't forgotten her. I've been distracted by comics, kittens and Necrons, but I hadn't forgotten her.  It was actually good to step back from it for a while and look on it with a "fresh set of eyeballs" as one of my favorite painting instructors in college used to say.  I did some drybrush weathering with a sand color and several washes to the main hull.   Telling you what the process was is a bit hard. I was just "in THE ZONE" and it all came together.  I did use some GW Typhus Corrosion. I watered it down and used it as a wash in areas. Also streaked some of it in places. Then my good old Althonian Camoshade as well to dull down some of the highlights from the sand colored drybrush. Very pleased with the result. For the most part, save a bit more weathering, the hull is done.

The organic/gribbly corruption is still ongoing, but I have finished the corrupted hatch, for the most part - save some pustules and a couple eyeballs.  There's still more corruption to finish.

There will be some glossy detailing and such to the organic parts, but you can tell the basic color pallet from what is here. Well.... I'll probably try to be a bit gross and make a few spots look infected and such.  Because....well, Nurgle.

I have some of the Berserker hoard in the Krud Kutter bath and will start the laborious process of getting them stripped and rebuilt soon.  I can see the Khorne Deamonkin book in my near future. :) But, as usual, I'm planning to do something a bit different from the traditional "look its red, it must be Khorne" paint scheme.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. I love how there is so much variety in the interpretation of Nurgle, from the predominantly green to the bloated raw and bleeding and to this fantastic rust and organic matter. It's a fascinating faction and so many times I say - if I was going to do Nurgle [which I find horrifying and therefore would love to have an army] I'd do it like this.

    Well, if I was going to do Nurgle I'd do it like this ;)

  2. Gorgeously weathered! My next set of walkers are going to have more texture in the rust, based on all the inspiration you've given me!