Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From the Workbench: The Turrets are Done!

So, the turrets for the 4 Leman Russ' are finished.  Now, on to the engine compartment gribblies, some weathering, a few piddly details and the Sons Of DOOoom's Tank Company will be complete.
Here's how the turrets came out.  I'm pretty pleased.

 And a detail of the loyalist helmet on the Executioner turret.

 I added a chaos star to the MBT. Since those things tend to corrupt what the touch, I figured some rust wasn't a bad idea.

I've also gotten some basic work done on all of the completed "captured" vehicles (those with the mottled paint scheme) like spruced up the weathering and begun some wear and tear.  But before you do that, if you plan on any decals, its a good time. SO.. I came up with a decal bash that will serve as the Son's of DOOooom/ "Bloody" 7th's markings.  I intend to do some painting over them, but if you aren't afraid of the freehand, decals are a great way to get uniformed markings by using them as a template whenever possible.

Basically, it will be a skull headed fly. On a couple of the hulls, there are old loyalist markings painted over and I want these to show through a bit.  I'll do a little outlining and the wings will likely be light green or yellow. I may add a sickly green outline too, depending on how it comes out.  But there is stands for now.  Hmmm... that might make a decent post in and of itself.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Really loved the "corrupted touch" chaos star. That's an awesome effect!

  2. Awesome work, man - those look great!