Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Painting the Forgotten.

Well, I didn't really forget about them, but I did sort of forget they weren't done. SO, I got my Traitor Leman Russ' out of the tank park with the intent to actually finish them for good.

Here's the gang, sans a couple of the turrets.  There are turret and engine gribblies that need painting, then its a bit of detailing an weathering before they are complete. I might have to figure out some markings too.

At the start, the 3 turrets with gribblies looked like this. One is finished, while the others... just a base color.

I did a highlight of flesh tone over the gribblies then washed the whole thing with GW Althonian Camoshade and Druchii Purple (in the recesses)

The one on the left has the first layer of highlights painted after the washes, while the one on the right is just the washes over the drybrushed base color. Next up.... all the mind numbing detailing.

I've also been working on the FREE MINIS I got a good while back.  The lads (and Rhino) have been soaking in Krud Kutter for a while, so I scrubbed a few the other day.  They need more of a soak though, while I find a better cheap toothbrush to scrub the next batch with.  All of the big models are done. I still have around a hundred Khorny Berserkers and others to strip, which will eventually be the basis for my DOOooom Wolves.

I'm not sure what glue was used on these guys but after the appropriate time in the Krud Kutter, it comes right apart. Which from where I stand is friggin WONDERFUL.  It will make reconstruction and conversion so much easier. Thats it for now, gang.

Cheers ya'll!