Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creepy, crawly, flying things

This is what happens at Da Mekshop when I mix way too much Green Stuff...

And what was that Green Stuff for?  It was for Miss Charlotte's head.

And now.... she is done.  At least the construction/ conversion bit. Painting comes next. In fact, I'm priming her as I type this. Though, that's no guarantee she'll be part of the next update. I still have some Leman Russ tanks to finish. And I might build something.  But, here she is .......

 More updates soon. As much as I claim I don't want to buy more models until I start actually playing, I have to say that the Grand Army of the Templars of DOOooom should  have a Dark Mechanicus contingent. I mean, Charlotte and Blinky didn't get this way on their own.

Cheers, ya'll!


  1. You sir are a god among green!

  2. She is nasty! (in a good way) very impressive work.

  3. Egads man! How much does that monstrosity weigh?

  4. Thanks, guys! Not as heavy as you'd think, Robert. There's a lot of greenstuff on the outside, but its a hollow plastic critter on the inside.

  5. Just jaw dropping. Can't really say much more then...drop everything and paint her. That is all. :)