Friday, May 1, 2015

Da DOK-TOR iz in!.......progress.

Just for something different, I spent some time on the Mad Dok.  Here's where he was at when I started my painting session.

Basic colors blocked in and most of the rusty pats rusted. Then it was on to the Orky parts and the details. And there are LOTS of fiddly details....

Stripey pants? Check! Bloody apron? Check! Orky skin sufficiently green and orky? Check! Details? Er.... well, not quite done yet, but lots done.  Odds and ends left to do. Vials and tubes and fiddly bitz here and there. And blood.... dried nasty blood.  Normally, I'd say Ork blood is black or near too it, but for "cinematic effect" I went with a more human red... since its something most anyone might recognize as...well, blood.  If you've been around real blood at all, you might have noticed it doesn't stay bright red for long. In fact, its not usually bright red at all... unless you are in a Spaghetti Western.

I swear they used red paint for blood in those things...or tomato sauce. :)  Speaking of Ugly..... there might be details that need detailing, but this ugly mug is DONE!

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Nice Doc! You have a nice contrast between the dirty metals and the fleshy greens. Great work

  2. Love his claw and the skin tones. Excellent work!