Tuesday, May 26, 2015

E Tenebrae Lux IV (ETL4) - The Vow.

I've entered into yet another painting challenge over at Bolter and Chainsword . The fourth E Tenebrae Lux (which means "From the Darkness.." if my google translator is to be trusted.) Challenge.  The idea is to paint a given number of miniatures/units in the time alotted, starting at primer or base coat. It is a good opportunity to get some more of the neverending Chaos army painted and here's what I have entered.

Not-So-Smiling Bob the Defiler (NSS Bob) (formerly Smilin' Bob, before he was sodomized by a Tyranid Trygon repeatedly) - starting off with my ubiquitous Black/brown base color.

Then, 6 of the "Dogs of Khorne" (aka Khorne Dogs)  Terminator Squad... since these are the only guys with shoulder plates. Same color. I tried to lighten it up, but its hard to see the details.

And finally, this converted Chosen, who will be a sorceror.  I actually have some more detailing to do on him to make him fit in with the grittier look of the army.

With one good painting session under my belt, this is what NSS Bob looks like with his base colors and some washes over the fleshy, corrupted parts. 

And while I was rummaging around for a place to keep my Necrons for a bitr, I found this cute little guy.  He needs some finishing and maybe a bit of green stuff , but its always good to have a Chaos Spawn of two around in a Chaos Army. 

That's all for now.  Cheers, Yall!

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  1. Always a joy to see you working away! It's like a gooey giddy, nurgly fest!@