Monday, June 1, 2015

Da Rednekkz Photo Box

I overhauled the photo box/stage/thing I use to shoot my minis. Its not as snazzy as some of the ones I know people use, but it does the job. Basically, its a Hive Tyrant box, one half stood up inside the other. I removed a few of the flaps, taped it together so I can move it around (with Duct Tape, of course) and put some white paper in it to shoot against.  The overhaul was a little more duct tape for stability (everything is better with duct tape, well... almost everything) and a new background of colored paper. 

This one has a stand in it, but shooting on the bottom gives a great no line background.  Ever the egomaniac That Rhett Bastid was all to happy to try out the new photo set up.

What I'm liking about it is this picture needed ZERO manipulation of contrast or colors than the former set up. And frankly, the colors are spot on to what the mini looks like in person.

A different angle (and composite of front and back). I'm REEEEEEally liking the way these turned out.


What's on deck? Well, the ETL painting projects will take center stage until they are done, since I only have a couple months to do them. However, I just made a bitz order and I'll likely have some construction project going on. I have a Nurgle Blight knights kit that needs to be 40K- ified. My original thought was plague marines, but I'll be checking the size - they might end up as terminators.

Ive spent most of the last week staying away from creative projects to "clean my head".  I've ran into some setbacks with my comics and frankly felt a bit defeated..... for a moment. So, I'm doing some reformatting and coming at that from a different direction. Still planning on a 40K comic as well, it just might not be until the end of summer. 

I'm also contemplating doing limited commission work in the Fall. So... if you like the way I do things, keep an eye out for details on that if you are interested. I say limited, because I've done it as a "job" before and got really burned out, so it'll be limited to certain projects and with terms. But... a few extra bucks always helps.

That's all for now, actual painting work later in the week.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. Love photo boxes. They completely changed my photography! Good to see your models getting the proper light :)

  2. That grey paper has made a huge difference. I still think I might a different bulb for my lamps since the lighting is still a bit "yellow", but its nice not to have to monkey with the photo editor as much to post pictures.