Sunday, June 28, 2015

ETL4 :Sorcerer

After finishing Not-So-Smilin' Bob's turret, I really needed to work on a figure. So I decided to knock out the Sorcerer. Here's where I had left off....

And here's what happened after I stuck in some ear buds and cranked the music.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased and it was fun to just knock out a mini in one sitting.

I have to admit to a slight pc gaming addiction. The latest time sink has been an older game - Tropico 4. City building, but you play the part of a Caribbean dictator. I've also been doing some inventory and reorganizing in the hobby room in preparation for some serious house overhauls/reorganizing while my teacher wife is off for the summer.  In the process, I figured out that I have a ridiculous number of miniatures yet to be built.. not to mention all of the sprues I have laying around from WH Fantasy stuff I either got for conversions of for my very brief flirtation with the game probably 8-10 years ago.

With that, I have plenty of minis to make a couple new armies, especially with all the Mechanicus goodness and new Marine codex. SO, I present to you.... El Presidente aka El Chupacabra.

He's going to double as a normal Company commander or Creed, if I feel like using the extra points.  But in normal form he has some wargear that will be represented by something rather creepy on another base. ;)  More on that next time.  Typical of all my loyalist armies, these guys will be a bit tongue-in-cheek and there will be some cheeky narratives to go along with them.  But, don't worry.... I haven't forgot about my traitor guard either.  Their infantry (and finishing up the tanks) will be my next project after the ETL4  stuff is done.  The Dogs of Khorne and the rest of Not-So-Smilin' Bob are next on the painting table.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. That sorcerer turned out excellent. I really dig the blade. ...Tropico 4? No kidding, mate? I've been burning time with Tropico 4 instead of painting, too! That series is so much fun.

  2. That game is evil. Like Civilization. Next thing you know, 4 hours are gone. But, I'll be having fun with a 40k version of the Tropican flag everywhere and doing some sculpting to try to get the just of Penultimo, General Rodriguez and a few other regulars that pop up during the game too. I just need to figure our how to work in Ms Pineapple and Sunny Flowers . :)

  3. And then, there's the music in the game. Its constantly stuck in my head. Dammit.

  4. I really love tropico 4. 5 supposedly is worse then 4, so I'm hoping 6 is a bit better, as I need my fix. I just get so into that soundtrack and game :).

    Sorc looks great! Love how that green is just popping on the model!

  5. I don't have Tropico5 because I read the reviews and I'm waiting. I might pick it up down the road whenever the cheap Steam bundle hits. 4 is plenty of fun in the meantime. Of course, I'm going to have to order some replacement heads from Poland to complete this project... because, ya know... I don't have enough stuff.

    1. The only solution to stuff, is to put more stuff on top of it, to hide the stuff so nobody knows how much stuff you have. #orklogic

  6. THAT comment.... is pure awesome.