Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From the Workbench: Khorne Dog! Get yer Khorne Dog here!

Finally, a hobby post with hobby stuff.  I snuck in some time and finished off the first of the Khorne Dogs...er... Dogs of Khorne.  I get the feeling I probably won't be able to resist some of the new Warhammer Fantas...er Age of Stigmatar releases. Too much cool Chaos stuff.  So, here's the completed Terminator paint scheme.

I'm pretty pleased with it. The "power" claw and the weathered bronze came out really good, though the latter doesn't show really well in the photos. Part of me wants to alter the flesh tone a bit. It could happen, but for now... its done.

Speaking of fantasy releases....

This is Gorgy Buttspitter... or whatever his name is, fighting a sergeant from the Apostles of Quetza in the Realm of Unfinished Miniatures. The new fantasy stuff has got some steroids over the Space Marines. And here I was thinking of making this guy a Plague Marine.  Well, I still might, but one could definitely argue Terminators and I see the new Khorne stuff is likely the same scale.  That would make the Khorne Bloodreavers some seriously HUGE cultists. Hrrrrrrrrmmmm... its got me thinking all sorts of crazy things.  We'll see what the future holds.

That's it for now. I'm working on getting my wife back to school and helping set up her classroom, but once a normal schedule sets in the hobby and art time will be plenty.  I'll do my best to keep the posts more regular now that I'm healed and the world is slowly getting back towards sane. ;)

Cheers Ya'll!

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  1. That is some great weathering on the bronze! I also love the blending of the oranges into the red. Very very cool! Glad you are healing up and getting back into the swing of things!