Monday, August 17, 2015

From the Workbench: Works in Progress

Finally got some hobby time in and got several things going on.  First, VIVA TROPICO! 

Here's the progress on the "test" Red Beret. Everything except the skin tones and unit markings/details are done. The camoflage looks like its terribly time consuming, but its actually a fairly quick process.

As for El Presidente, he's underway, but I realized he was missing a thumb and some sunglasses. Lots of detailing to finish as well as the overcoat and hat.

Next on deck, the Apostles of Quetza.  The Sergeant of the Tactical squad is ready to get painted. He has a chainsword "Macuahuitl" - yeah.... I know the blades are running in different directions.... or maybe they are just teeth.... still looks cool. ;)

I've got some base colors on the Chaplain....

And some on the Librarian, who still needs an arm.

Now we come to my Khorny Space Wolves... The Bloody Claws of Khorne.  This is Ragnar Blackmane.... no, really. it is!

Or as the Plague Marines like to call him Ragnar Underbite. There is still some work to do on him. Mostly to find the happy medium between Chaos and Space Wolf. Details,details,details....its all in the details.

Then we come to the Odds and Ends category.  This guy, I think, will end up being a Vox Creep for my the Bloody 7th. Or something else. But, either way.... he's pretty cool so far.

Possibly what my Sanctioned Psykers will look like. He's kind of a test model on the Plague Monk body.

And this is Harvey.... and Brent.  Because a Spawn with two heads (sort of) is better than a Spawn with one.... maybe.  Still a bunch of gribbly greenstuff work to do on Harvey/Brent. There's likely to be all sorts of cool stuff going on on his back.  I figured its good to have a spawn or two in case I ever play and somebody gets "blessed" for winning a challenge.

That's all for now, gang. I'm making the last push to get stuff done for my wife's classroom, so the next few days I'll be drawing cartoon dragons.  But hopefully I'll get in another update later in the week. Next week the "routine" begins again and updates should be more regular.... along with COMICS!   So keep a weather eye!

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Perhaps El Presidente was missing his thumb after having an "oops" moment with his chainsaw/pistol?

  2. Somehow, I'm certain Penultimo was to blame. :)