Monday, August 3, 2015

Yup.... I'm still alive.

After a damaged hand and a short "vacation" at the hospital I'm ready to get back at hobby and art stuff.  Once again, I have miserably failed a painting challenge, between my glacial painting speed and circumstances beyond my control. BUT, the ETL4 gang is still on the 'ready 5" to be finished.

The Khorne Dogs will be underway again this week, now that I'm up and about. Not-So-Smilin' Bob's body... well, that might take a while.

In other news, the hobby and art room is on deck for an overhaul which starts (albeit slowly, thanks to the medical hurdles) tomorrow. Also thanks to a friend of mine, who is WAAaaaaaaaay more digitally saavy than I am, I picked up a new (old) program to help bring my comics into the digital age.

And while I WON'T be drawing Magna, this is just great and easy for the layout,digital inking/coloring and printing of comics.  Thanks to some great tutorials by my friend Artist Erin Humiston  I should be up and in waist deep soon. If you do this kind of stuff, I noticed a lot of the interface is similar to Photoshop which I know my way around fairly well.  But the hours I would spend editing my hand drawn (and lettered) comic in Photoshop, will hopefully be cut severely.  I have a BIG project in mind with characters and story of my own. But while I'm cutting my teeth on this thing, its safe to assume there will be a 40k comic or two in the near future.

So, much coming this way in August. Sorry for the slow couple of weeks, but thanks for sticking around. :) oh....and VIVA TROPICO!

Cheers Ya'll!

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