Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dreadtober: Because I'm terrible at painting challenges

Historically, I do NOT complete painting challenges. Ever. Never, in fact. The along comes that pesky Greggles and he issues a "Paint a Dreadnaught" challenge. Ever the champion of possibly recuiting more faithful viewers, I decide.. why not?

So, the debate began. I have a starter set Hellbrute who needs amputaion and conversion. I have another Hellbrute in the box that is unbuilt.  I began to think of what cool things I could do to turn them into Space Wolf/Khorny Wolf dreadnaughts. Realistically, were it a "build a Dreadnaught in a month challenge", I might do it.  Then I remembered my Raptors army, sitting comfortably in its foam army containers (since I never play anymore).  There was not 1, but 3 Dreadnaughts sitting in there unfinished. They only had undercoats on them.  So, that will be my entry.

Da Kunnin' Plan: To finish one, then possibly the other two, by months end.
And here they are, complete with extra arms. 2 Ironclads (one is an old metal dread body) and 1 Venerable. Stories to follow......

The possible complications?  I am absolutely buried in artwork that I need to do and October thru December are very busy at my part-time out of the house job.  But, if I could finish these 3, that would be HUGE. I'll settle for 1, but I'm shooting for all 3. 

I put these guys together in 2011, so I looked over everybody good and didn't see anything I wanted to add to or change (or could change... if I were building them from scratch, I'd make the poses more dynamic, but when these were built they were sort of hurried to compete in a league) The bases, could be added to, so I added my new favorite basing material, crackle paste to 2 of them. The 3rd, Revered Brother Rocky already has a cool base that raised him up a bit, since the old metal dreads are shorter than the new plastic ones.

I'll start fleshing out the dark olive greens next and I have to decide if the Venerable Dread will get camoflage like the finished dreads I have for this army. Yeah... I said camoflage. Though it is subtle.

This is an old picture, I'll get some better ones with the (hopefully) finished dreds above.

That's all for now. Hope to have another update around the weekend.

Cheers Ya'll!

OH...HOLY CRAP and thank you all! 67,000 page views for my humble little hobby blog.  I have a whole shelf of models to build yet, even if I never get to play so here's to another 67,000. Thanks again!


  1. Looking forward so seeing them all done up 8) DREADTOBER!

  2. Wow Todd is pulling a greggles with his #dreadtober comments :) Go todd go!

    Looking great man! Going for three and I haven't even started my one yet!

  3. "Going for" are the key words. I definitely vow to complete one... but I'll try for 3. And I won't just be slapping on the olive green. I'm going to try something a bit "new" and see what I can do with a single color. Its something I've been wanting to do with some of the Chaos stuff and rather than just flat ol' green, here's a good place to experiment. Someday.... I'll have to actually finish all of my foot soldiers for my Chaos army. I'm hoping maybe I can experiment and figure out an easy way to make a flat color look neat, without an insane amount of layers.

    1. You already know how to make flat colors look awesome! TEXTUREEEEEEEEEEEE!

  4. once these dreads are done any chance of a painting log? that scheme has me interested. would look great on my imperial/loyalist plague marines. (imperial marines painted like death guard)

  5. I'll do my best to document the process for you.I am starting with a base of GW Chardonite Granite... that much I can tell you so far. The metal parts are based with black/brown 50/50 and then Tin Bitz...or whatever they call Tin Bitz these days. :)