Friday, October 30, 2015

Dreadtober: Ironclad

The progress on Revered Brother Orkin.  He's close to done, but it may take a painting binge Halloween night to get a "+1" in on the Dreadtober challenge. Either way he'll be done in the next couple days, rounding out the Raptors Dreads. I still have an old metal dread as well, that will get finished, though there is a chance he might become another chapter, part of the Crixus Reclamation Force. But, here's the progress...

I'd like to give a thank you and general "Atta boy!" to Greggles (and everyone else involved) for putting together this fun blogger based challenge. Its been neat to see all the dreadnaughts and helped fill out my blog roll a bit with some new favorites, to which I'm still adding.  A special Thanks to Mr. Justin at Secret Weapons Miniatures for his support as well. 

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Love him! The asymmetrical missile goes well with this overall composition! Rules wise, it actually makes sense to give them the Hurricane bolter now, since their default attacks went to 4!

  2. He got the name Orkin because of the little bug killing combo of the hurricane bolter and the flamer. However, he didn't always fair well against those damned Trygons. :)

  3. Very nice, man! That looks great!