Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dreadtober: In Progress Part 2.

More paint on the Venerable Dreadnaught.  After looking at the P-51 picture a few more times I thought "Why not just go with the standard old school faded drab technique, but by hand?"   So, I did. I mixed PP Battledress Green with some GW Pallid Witchflesh (which is basically a warm light grey), grabbed my old beat up drybrushes and went for it.  I mixed the paint on my pallete so I could go darker or lighter as needed.  Then after adding the "faded" color, I gave it a thin coat of GW Althonian Camoshade to town the brownishness back toward green.

Its subtle, but the arm on the left has been washed, the arm on the right has not. You can see it better on this body picture.

On the left, the center panel has been "faded" the others have the base color.  On the right, is after the wash. When applying the colors I use a stippling technique. I have several older brushes of varied size, that the points went to hell on, so I cut the bristles roughly in half  (picture the brushes original shape as a teardrop, cut that in half- basically)  These brushes I use for dry brushing and stippling. I beat the hell out of them. They flare out, I trim a few errant hairs from time to time, but I've litterally had some of them for years.  You can also use a sponge type brush, but it has to be fairly tiny for detailing and the sponges often put a bit too much paint down. I've been known to rub fresh paint off with my thumb a lot. My approach is that its better to build up several subtle layers than try to just slap the color on. I know... I Know Greggles....... one of these days I'll wrangle my wife into trying to shoot a video. Or at very least... a how too tutorial of sorts.

Here's the product so far.  The greens are done, now its time to work on all the metals, the bronze plaques and the squished bug parts on the base. Crackle Medium is just the coolest stuff.  Best hobby discovery in my book since GW released the Shades line. Basic colors have been laid in.  Eventually the base will have some static grass and maybe a few other things as well. And yes.... that is a yellow helmet.

The base colors have been done on the other two dreads and the extra arms. Once I get more details done, I'll forge a head on them... though I am getting parts of them done while waiting for washes to dry on the Venerable Brother. :)

That's all for now. Probably have more in a couple days.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Thanks! Now that I have the process down, I'm anxious to try it on other models too. I think it would look cool on regular marines.

  2. Loving it! Great update! You also need a newer camera to show off some of this work. That bronze work is amazing but is so hard to seeeeee

    1. Or I have to learn how to take better pictures. The camera is actually pretty state of the art. I just don't really know what I'm doing . :)

    2. Remote timer (if camera supports it), otherwise set a timer. Reduce the ISO to 400 (if really bright light). Set camera up, hit shutter to focus and start the timer. Walk away, don't move anything.

      Should result in significantly sharper images.

      Other than that, it's mainly just a light box with a lot of lights in different directions, and not a white background (or similar to model).

    3. Thanks for the insight. I have a tripod and the wife tells me ther eis a timer on there, I'll have to figure out how to use it and give that a try.

  3. Really nice work, I love your textures, especially on the faded olive.