Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Its all about the bases.... and a creep.

Not too many exciting things in my hobby world, except getting bases ready for the rest of the Apostles of Quetza. Crackle medium deployed on the bases I should need. I let it dry overnight then secure it to the bases with a couple coats of matte medium slightly thinned. If you don't the chunks come off, but the cool part about them moving around is that you can fix them with the matte medium in slightly different format.  I'm thinking this stuff would be great for making those lava bases so many folks are fond of.  Hmmmmm... I may just have to do that with some daemons in the near future.   Here's a picture of the fruits of my recent tedious labor.

The next victim or test dummy is going to be this creepy guy....

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this guy. I started him for my Chaos army and then set him aside.  So now, I'm thinking about a creepy familiar guy for my librarians.   Here's a sketch of what I have in mind for sculpting, etc.

Jade mask, feathers headdress, probably feather shoulder cloak. Paint/tattoos all about.   He's going to be a sculpting/paint testing dummy for the details I want to do on the marines.  Should be fiddly, tedious and hopefully a good tool for learning.  It'd be nice if its fun too.

Should have more around this time next week. Maybe sooner. ;)

Cheers ya'll!

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  1. Bases look great. Love the cabling on the skull stabbing murder death man.