Thursday, March 10, 2016

From the Workbench: Breaking into the reserves.

I can only imagine most folks who have been at this crazy hobby for a while have a bunch of miniatures that are just waiting for a job. Maybe they were part of an old army or project that never quite got finished or were needed.  Enter Assault Squad #8 and friends.  These guys have been sitting in a box waiting for a job ever since I decided my Raptors army was big enough.  I also needed marines to fill out the Demi-Company, without buying any new ones. So, I've been scraping old paint, trimming bits here and there and such to get these guys up to standards.  My desk... as you can see- is a clutter with mundane and boring hobby doings. 

One guy who was cobbed together from various parts was Sergeant Quasimo.  He's had a long, distinguished career.  Maybe a bit too long, but don't let the shuffling gate fool you.

Also did some work on the Assault Sgt.  Like a few others, he'll be an enemy sniper's dream, because he "don' need no stinkin' helmet!"

Hoping to get all the mundane stuff done this coming week on these guys. At that point I should have 2 Tactical squads, 1 assault squad, a terminator squad and maybe.... maybe a Devastator squad.   I'll be hammering out a Razorback for a 5-6 man Tactical squad in the near future too.  THEN... it should be on to painting. Although, I did find one wrinkle to this cunning plan..... I'm going to need more resin shoulder plates.

Cheers Ya'll.

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