Sunday, April 24, 2016

From the Workbench: The Most Basic of Colors

I finally got some hobby time. I started to block in some colors on the Apostles of Quetza Razorback team.  Its the first coat of the basic under colors.

I have decided not to do the weapon casings in jade. I'm going to go with an obsidian instead for the ranged weapons.  In the long run, we'll be looking at end results more like these real world examples...

Lots more detailing to do, but I actually have some time to work on it this week.... for a change. :)

OH....WTF?!?!  GW needs to slow their roll. Knock it off I'm trying to not buy more minis!  When they put out stuff like this, I know its going to make me add to the mountain of unbuilt ork stuff I have.  (I'm really getting the itch to build some ork... and chaos stuff, these loyalists make me feel dirty)

This guy has got Mega Armor written ALL over him. Of course, he'd be converted and painted in a proppa Rednekkz rusty red and blue. Can't have none of those uppity Bad Moonz runnin round here

And for anyone who might be wondering.... Beware of Goblins in Dirty Lab Coats....

Cheers Ya'll.


  1. Seriously...I'm buying both the mega boss, and the giant dragon thing!

  2. The dragon thing I want. It'd probably end up a deamon/daemon prince.... but its very cool.