Monday, May 16, 2016

DOOooombull! 2.0

The DOOoombull has been the Deamon Prince leader of the Templars of DOOoom for many years. Tyranids tried to eat him, marines tried to shoot him, even Orks and Eldar took their shots. Yeah... he died, kinda... but usually he was the guy around at the end of the game or the one my opponent obsessed about killing because he was a serious pain in the ass. Here he is in all of his unfinished painted glory....

That was taken in 2012. He still looks the same... sorta.  He's been hanging out on the top of one of my shelves fro some time.  At least until yesterday. He's a metal miniature and he decided it was time to leap off of said shelf and see what would happen. This is the kind of tragic thing that happens when former conquering heroes don't get to the tabletop for a long time.

Being metal, he's fixable. If I really wanted to, but honestly he doesn't match up too well to today's army very well, so I'm thinking its time for a DOOooombull 2.0.  With actual wings... not the "See this strip of fire on his back.. yeah it turns into wings when he wants to fly."  So I ordered this guy....

.... to be the basis for DOOooombull 2.0.  I have marines to finish painting as part of the ETL V challenge over at Bolter and Chainsword, so more on them soon (since I'll likely paint tonight and tomorrow). Otherwise, I'll be sweating alot... chipping away at teh outdoor honey-do list and waiting for my minotaur from Poland.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Sorry to hear about the fall. I have moments of terror everytime one of the walkers takes a tumble...luckily most of their magnets usually pop off and divert some of the impact force. That wouldn't be the same with a metal one!

    Will look forward to 2.0!

  2. It really isn't too aweful. It wouldn't be an impossible fix, though it did come apart amid some of the finished painted parts. The axe was magnetized, my first attempt at magnetizing anything. Its a cool model, but still kind of dated. If the resin one is as pretty as it looks it should be a perfect representation of the character... which everyone will get to meet more in depth in some comics I'm working(slowly) on.

  3. Also waiting to see the new model before making a decision on the wings. It might be fun to do something atypical.