Tuesday, May 31, 2016

From the Workbench: Jade and DOOooombull 2.0

DOOooombull 2.0 has arrived!  Or at least what will become Doombull 2.0. Absolutely beautiful sculpt. Of course, it will be.... modified.

 There he is on the painting tray.  The wings are from The Isle of Blood box set I got a few years back when the wife and I briefly flirted with playing fantasy again. But since that didn't bear fruit, I have plenty of skaven for the Dark Gods and some beautiful Vulture wings for the DOOooombull.

Just to give you a scale idea. There's Doombull 1.0, tonight's test marine and Doombull 2.0's upper torso.

I cleaned the parts up a bit and got it to balance. With those massive wings and a Black Mace, he's going to be pretty ominous.  AND... its almost a superhero landing pose!

 On to the loyalist scu....er, Apostles of Quetza.  After several tries and mistries, I have a pretty good idea what doesn't work well. I did remember about half way through that I had some Vallejo Jade Green. So the result of tonight's labor is the basic Jade tone, without details. But it gives you a good idea how the colors play. I also found the mask texture to be WAY too busy, so I'm going with the faux stone texture over all. I might revisit the mask on the characters.

With some detailing and some washes, it should look pretty nice. The shoulder plate may have more color, since the Quetzacoatyl has wings the colors of the rainbow I'm thinking about the flanges as different semi-precious stone or the like.  I should get more time to work on him later this week. Got to get it figured out because the clock is ticking.

Cheers Ya'll!

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