Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From the Workbench: Terracotta Warriors... For the EMPEROR!!

And so.... it continues. The Razorback team (plus optional Special Weapons guy...whose name is Steve) are getting their Terracotta on.  I'm usually horrible at step by step pics, but did OK this time.  I started with a Terracotta craft paint. GW Skrag Brown is close, but not quite orange enough and a smidge of a tone darker.  But close. Then I washed the whole model with a mixed Terracotta shade, which is a mixture of GWFuegan Orange, Seraphim Sepia and old Ogryn Skintone whatever-they-called- it. I don't have an exact mix for ya, but I basically eyeballed it. The plan was to make the color scheme to look as much like this pot as possible...

First steps...

 Left is Sgt Quasi in his base coat of Terracotta.  Then the Razorback Sgt with the wash over that.  Basically, the idea was to make all the shaded/darker areas of color and then dry brush on the rest.

On the left we have Steve, with the finished drybrushing of a couple mixes of the original Crafty Terracotta and GW Screaming Skull (Bleached Bone). I mixed it as I went with a flat brush on my pallette and thumb. The plan.... after I paint the jade, will be to go in on the whole model and pick out details, but aside from weathering and battle damage, that's how the color will be.  It was pretty easy process as far as number of steps go. The highlight/drybrushing is the only really "artsy" part of it, where I just stuck in the earbuds, cranked the music and mixed the tones I needed. Also gave the weapons a coat of thinned down black and there they sit, with all their yet to be finished brethren in the background. To do the Jade the way I want to, should be a maddeningly tedious process that I'm not entirely sure I'm looking forward too, but once I figure it out I'll move ahead painting squad by squad.

Also got this lovely, yet creepy babe in the mail from France!  I replaced some of the vials behind her head (which I broke off with my ham handedness) and replaced it with a Chaos spikey star.  I'll be working on her conversion as I paint the Apostles. All hail the arrival of the Dark Mechanicus!

Somewhere along the way in my interweb wonderings.. I think someplace on The ONE AND ONLY BOLTER & CHAINSWORD I ran across what Victoria Lamb has been doing with herself . Good GODS!  What a evil and wicked site that is.  Here I am trying desperately not to spend more money and I see this!  I'm kicking myself for that arms shipment from Poland. And while I have 50 metal AK's, I still could see myself ordering some of these for the regular Tropican troops....

AND they have women...

Resin AK's. Hmmmm...  And one more beautiful chestnut I may not be able to resist....  

It may not happen until the fall, but It could happen. Suddenly the look of the Tropican regulars is changing a bit.  For those interested, the Tropicans will be hitting the blog soon.  I have 30+ metal Cadian Kasrkin that will be the East Point Elite Stormtroopers and I'll be basing/priming them soon.  With the humidity on the rise, its priming season now. :)

Cheers ya'll!


  1. Looking good! I highly recommend the Victoria Lamb minis, I've been a huge fan for years and everything I've ordered has been fantastic. Good stuff!

    1. Yeah, that's an evil looking website. Too much stuff I'd love to order... and probably will.

  2. Wow that raging hero model is sick! I love the tera cotta marines. I guess just keep link from legend of zelda away from them!