Thursday, May 26, 2016

Speed bump

With the Memorial Day holiday coming up, it seems most of my hobby time will be lost to the glories of gardening. My enthusiasm for gardening can be measured  inversely by how much I sweat an since the 9 months of heat and humidity we here in Central Florida call "summer" has begun, its likely to suck. 

The jade on the Apostles is giving me a slight headache.  I could do it as a solid color and it'd look nice, but my desire to push myself has me wanting to do one of the following texture patterns.

Both would be equally piddly, with lots of tiny brush painting. I honestly like both, but can't decide. Feel free to give you choice in the comments.

Maybe a few days of playing in the dirt will help me figure it out.

Cheers Ya'll! Oh.... and HODOR!


  1. I think you could probably do both, if you're doing Jade it's clearly a substance that has many different colours, aspects and patterns. So trying to ensure your effort is always the same is contrary to nature.

  2. Going with Dave here...By utilizing different types of jade, you can create interest and contrast in the model, while still maintaining the type of structure you are looking for.

  3. I asked the same question on Bolter & Chainsword and I'm leaning toward a stone pattern on the armor and maybe the helmets like the mask. We'll see how the test model looks.