Friday, June 17, 2016

ETL V: A quickie from the Workbench

In non-hobby news, Been a busy and crazy week or so here at Casa d' Rednekk. I accidentally walked into another job while going fishing. Job interviews while you are sweaty, smell like fish and haven't shaven in 4 days are always the best. Hiring process will take a couple weeks and might have been slowed down a bit, since its with the City of Orlando... and things have been a little nuts here in town thanks to a wacko who didn't like gay people and/or Latin music. You might have heard about it in the news, but I have to tell you I haven't seen anything like the way this town has come together since the shootings.  Its really inspirational.  The way the media and politicians have reacted, is the total opposite... shameful, in my opinion. But they can't help it, I'm fairly certain they are aliens or pod people... or evil minions of Cthulu or a genestealer cult.

Back to the hobby. With time a bit limited, I've been doing base color painting.  All of the marines for my ETL challenge have the base terracotta color. I'll do the dark green and black on them next, then I'll batch paint them to get to the last stage before detailing, then detail squad by squad.

 I still have to build 1 more Assault Marine and a bunch of hand weapons for the same bunch.  So, the push will likely be to finish the tactical squads first.  Once the ETL V challenge group is done, I have 2 character models, then I'll have to decide how much more I'll expand the Apostles of Quetza force.
I had originally envisioned the Crixus Relief Force to be a mottled group of small units from various Marine chapters as well as the "collection" of Chapter remnants put together by an Inquisitor.  So, time will tell.  I really AM itching to build some Orky stuff too.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Base coating. Always the most boring. Last few minutes are the best :)