Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ETL V: Test Marine

I did some more base color painting on the lads. Since I really wanted to see how the shoulder plate would look, I decided to finish my test marine. And here he is, sans some static grass and leaves on his base.

Part of me is toying with the idea of freehanding some jade feather designs on the shoulder plate.... and the other part of me wants to actually finish the ETL on time this year.  But, It might be an addition down the road.  I goofed around with some designs on the terracotta- little Aztec-like glyphs, but it just looked too busy. But I'm pleased with the weathering. I also streamlines the Terracotta AND jade techniques when I did the backpack, so that bodes well for the gang all having the same look.  More to come around the weekend.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Wow, that jade really came off well. It's a cool scheme and I think they'll fantastic as an army.

  2. really interesting result. The shoulder pad has come out really well, much better than the Photoshop mock-up and the gloss helps it stand out even more compared to the rest of the armour. It'll be interesting to see a group of these together. Is there nothing in the Lizardmen line that might be useful to add, y'now how the Dark Angels have all those bits, like incense burners, daggers, feathers etc. There are probably load of Aztec looking bits in the Lizardmen army, even some of their crazy swords/clubs to add even more to them. I know you said they're a bit busy but it might push the theme a little further.

  3. The jade is my favorite part of the paintjob. It's done really well!