Saturday, July 9, 2016

A bump (or two) in the road and a Kunnin' Plan.

Been a rough week or so here at Casa d' Rednekk.  I think Grandfather Nurgle is disappointed in me painting loyalists. I have got some work done on the Apostles, but I'm about 3 days behind where I want to be to finish the ETL. Since the wife is a school teacher, the next few weeks are open for the dreaded "Honey-do" list, so I'm hoping I can get enough hobby time in there. Usually, she's pretty good about that, but I live in Florida and I'm not exactly fond of the heat (yeah.. I know, wrong place to live for that) so, it depends on how much fuel is left in the tank after whatever sweat inducing project is done for the day.

I have done some basic work on the rest of the gang. Mostly I'm doing the terracotta on the rest of the bunch.  I think I've finally simplified the jade process down, which has been a god aweful time sink trying to get that where I want it.  So, pictures of the finished Razorback squad (they are reeeally close to done) int he next couple days.... and then on to the rest. I may do a weapon building project, since I need weapons for the assault squad and , frankly, I could use a break from painting.

One of the projects on the summer list for me is to straighten/reorganize my art/hobby room.  Picking at that project I've been taking stock of what I have, especially bitz and such and trying to nail down exactly what I'm planning on doing with them.  So... here's a the Kunnin' plan for the what you will see in the future...

     For now, the plans are a terminator squad, a Razorback and two characters.  Everything except the vehicle is already built. And that's it for them.

     My biggest plan for the Templars is to finish painting my troops and a few other models that are built.  I plan to add a Nurgly Terminator Squad and some Obliterators.  There will be Deamons as wel. I still have Plaguebearers, nurglings and a Glottkin- which may end up as a Greater Deamon stand in or some kind of Maulerfiend.  But plenty of things to finish painting... Ms Charlotte for one.

The Sons of DOOooom (former Crixus Bloody 7th):
     My Imperial Guard Traitor army will need more love.  I need to detail some of the tanks. Finish my goofy sentinal team. Build all the infantry. Convert some nasty things. So lots to do.

Da Rednekkz:
     I have way too many Orks and they are screaming to be built.  But I suspect the first thing that will happen is Orky planes.  Lots to do with this army.  And I don't even want to think about all the boyz that need painting.
The Crixus Expeditionary Force/ VIVA TROPICO!: 
     The CRF is my extended Imperial project. I envision the whole force as a collection of misfit space marines and IG units put together by an Inquisitor.  There will be the Tropico IG contingent and an "ultramarine" force made up of squads from odd chapters, that have been destroyed,are penetant or otherwise screwed up.  Very little of this force will be taken seriously. ;)

(you probably won't see any of these chapters, but I'm definitely doing some camo marines..:) )

Now.... for the nostalgia.
      SO, my first 40k army was Space wolves.  More accurately The DIRE WOLVES, my own grittier version of the Space Wolves.  While the army list is still something to fear, I personally think the miniatures are a bit campy.  BUT the Dire Wolves have been fighting in parts unknown for many centuries, lost in the warp perhaps.... who knows what they have become.  Since I have a bunch of space wolf minis, I'm going to do my old Dire Wolves again, but my conversionand painting skills have improved in the past 25+ years, so it should be pretty cool.  Probably a small force with available minis. I have no plans to buy anything (at this time) for this army.

My first CHAOS army was the Alpha Legion.  With the backstory of DOOooom (which I will start to publish here), I could see Alpha Legion people attracted to DOOooom's service.  So, I'm going to do a contingent of Alpha Legion that have pledged themselves to DOOooom. Like all things, it probably won't be totally serious, these guys are likely to be insane... but it should be fun. Originally, Alpha Legion was a Slaaneshi Army, so there is likely to be some of that going on.   The striving for martial perfection part... not the sex with farm animals part.   That's the Khorne Dogs. ;)

So that's all the crazy ideas for the future....we'll see how they pan out. It should keep me me busy for the next 20 years.

Cheers Ya'll.


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